How do I register for the «Urban Corners» game?
In order to register for the game, please do the following:

  • Download the Urban Corners app directly from the App Store or Google Play to your iPhone, smart phone or tablet
  • Read the installation instructions for your gadget
  • Select a language
  • Register your account by giving the valid Email address and a password
  • Enter the game
What should I do after the registration to start a game?
If you have to activate an Urban Corners game, please do the following:

  • Read the story before you start the game. You can find many hints hidden there. Moreover, don’t forget to check the “Treasury” section.
  • Choose your group of Guardians and indicate the battle-cry. The next page with instructions on how to collect your first score will open automatically after that.
  • Click «Info for Guardians» then go back to «Map» and choose Astana, where you will find stations with tasks. Remember, you have to be at the station in the reality in order to enter it in the game. You can zoom in the station on your map to see its exact location.
  • You should open the map and click on the station icon to make sure you are on place.
Which group of Guardians should I choose?
Please decide which group of the Guardians you would like to join. From one side, the group should reflect your interests, on the other side, you should keep in mind the River energy balance.
It is important that all Groups of Guardians participate in the game, so that the River receives enough energy. The energy volume that you receive after entering a particular station will be dependent on which group you choose to join.
Furthermore, you can find other Guardians and establish a group. In order to start a game you have to choose the type of your Guardian very quickly. Remember: all Guardians are important, so trust your intuition when you look for your Guardian.
All information about Guardians and their totems you can find in the Treasury during the game. To open the information you have to click Treasure chest-> Questions about the Game ->Guardians. You can also see who is playing at the moment and which stations were mostly visited by checking the Photostream: https://urban-corners.org/photostream You can find your pictures here, which were uploaded during the game, as well as of other players.
What is the goal of the game?
The goal of the game is to revive the Magic Energy River. The River needs energy, which you can attain in different places of Astana after fulfilling various tasks.
Each executed task brings you energy, which you can give to the River and receive scores. The winner is the one, who gets the highest score.
Remember, that the River will revive only in case all elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Time and Future will be in balance, so that your goal is not only to get the highest score, but also to fulfill the common mission to revive the Magic Energy River. This task can be only solved by joint efforts.
Therefor it might be useful to find other players to discuss the general strategy of the game and further actions. All together you can also develop and suggest new stations and get additional scores for that.
How is the winner of the game determined?
The game is played in four rounds. The person to collect the most points in the respective round is the winner. There are prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place according to points scored. Additional prizes can also be won for particularly creative ideas and great ecological concepts.
The game is currently in the third round, and can be played until 22 March 2018.
After this, the final round begins, which ends on 30 August 2018.
The main prize for the winner of the final round is a trip to Germany.
A jury comprised of representatives from the Goethe-Institut, CAREC and project partners will decide on all prize winners. Following each round, the prizes will be awarded at the INFOLAB@ of the Goethe-Institut in Astana during a public awards ceremony.
Please note: Following the completion of each round, the points of each player are reset to zero, new tasks at the locations as well as new locations are added to the game, and the collecting of points begins anew. Those who are able to gain lots of experience in the first rounds therefore have the best chance of winning the final round.
And there are also small interim prizes to be won by particularly active and creative players at the INFOLAB@.
What should I do with the collected energy?
You can give the collected energy to the Magic River to revive it and get scores.
However, you should also remember about the balance of all five elements in the River. Ideally, the shares of all five elements should be equal to each other to revive the River completely.
Attention: the River level may decrease, in case it goes out of balance too fast.
What does it mean «redeem energy»?
To redeem energy means that you can give some of your energy to the River and receive scores for that.
To get further information you have to click the button «redeem energy».
Why hasn’t the River level increased after I gave the energy?
It is vital to remember about the current balance of energy in the River.
There are five different elements, which belong to different groups of Guardians. The Magic River lives and develops only if all five elements are balanced, so each player should think how much and what energy should be given.
The special table with scores will show for which type of energy a player can get the highest score at the moment.
The actual score is indicated in the right up corner.
How can I win bonus points?
Bonus points are awarded by the Guardian Council for special activities:

  1. Participation in discussions and workshops on the theme of energy
    The best thing to do is keep yourself informed by reading the relevant information on our website.
  2. Development of new Locations
    Players or groups of players working together can suggest and develop new locations and accompanying tasks. If the submitted suggestions are included in the game – this requires jury approval – then the “developers” receive a large number of bonus points. You can find out how to develop new locations and tasks for “Urban Corners” at a Goethe Insitut workshop. If you are interested, simply write an e-mail to info@urban-corners.org or voice your interest on our timeline at:
  3. Recruiting new Guardians
    Anyone managing to recruit new guardians to revitalise the magic energy stream will receive 10,000 bonus points for 5 new guardians, 20,000 bonus points for 10 new guardians, etc. To this end, a list with the usernames of new guardians, or of the e-mail addresses with which the new guardians registered, must be sent in to info@urban-corners.org or handed in at the INFOLAB@. Once the head guardian has confirmed the information, the points will be instantly awarded to the player’s account.
  4. Collect a guardian quintet and meet other Guardians
    How? It’s simple:
    At the INFOLAB@, you can collect five cards featuring “your guardian totem”. Anyone who then hands in a complete quintet with five different guardian totems at the INFOLAB@ (please note the opening times) will receive 20,000 bonus points. So join in, find the other guardians in the city, or convince new players to become guardians of the magic energy stream and swap cards with them! It’s worth it.
How can I switch to other station?
In order to switch to other station please do the following:

  • Go back to the map and find the station where you will do your task. Remember, if you haven’t done all the tasks at the station, you can come back any time after. Some stations you can enter each 24 hours and get energy. After you have registered on place, you find out which places can provide this option.
How can I keep an overview of the locations I have already visited and the tasks I have already solved?
Once you have solved tasks, the locations appear in the > Treasure chest in > Places Visited.
In addition, the colour of the markers in the map show you whether you

  • have not yet visited the spot (black)
  • have visited the spot but still have tasks to solve (grey), or
  • have solved all the questions (green)

If there are new questions at a spot you have previously visited, the colour will be reset accordingly.

How can I ensure that I am playing the latest version?
For Android:
Update “Urban Corners” in no time:

  1. Open the official Google “Play Store” app and tap on the sandwich symbol to access the menu.
  2. Select “My apps & games”. An overview of all your installed Android apps will open. At the very top you will find those apps for which an update is available.
  3. Now either select “Update all” or tap on the “Update” button behind the “Urban Corners” app.

Tip: For automatic updates: tap on the sandwich symbol at the top left of the Google Play Store app and select “Settings”. Tap on “Automatic app updates” and then select to automatically download and install updates from now on. The sensible option: select to only download and install app updates when WIFI is available.
(Source: praxistipps.chip.de)

For iOS (iPhone and iPad):
Install updates manually:

  1. To do so, launch the App Store on your iPhone and select the menu item “Updates” in the lower navigation bar on the far right in order to see all available software updates.
  2. Now either install every update individually: to do so, simply tap on “Update” next to the respective app: Or: update all apps at once by tapping on “Update all” at the top right.

Tip: You can check to see which iOS version you are playing by e.g. opening the App Store and going to the “Purchases” tab on the bottom right of the screen. Here you can then see all the installed apps, update these, and see the version number of the individual app’s currently installed version. Tap on the app to open the details screen, where you can see what the latest available app version is in the event that a newer version has been released.
(Source: www.turn-on.de)

How can I change to a different language within a game?
At the start of a game, you select your “game language”, i.e. the language in which you mainly wish to play. But you can also change this in the course of the game:
To do so, tap on -> Guardian survey ->Your username ->Select language. It’s even simpler if you are already in the process of solving tasks at a spot: then you can find the language selector immediately at the top right next to the name of the spot.
Why can’t I download photos?
Check the settings whether the app has an access to your camera. You can’t download anything in case this option is not active.
Whom can I contact in case of further questions, ideas and suggestions concerning the game?
All your questions you can post on our page in social media:
You can also contact us here: info@urban-corners.org
AND: Please note, that information on Urban Corners game is also published on the Goethe-Institute Kazakhstan web page: www.goethe.de/kaz
Or you can visit our Infolab@.
Address: 8 Beibitshilik Street
010000 Astana, Kazakhstan
Phone: +7 7172 571240
E-mail: info@urban-corners.org
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 14:00-17:30 and by appointment
Why do you need a Book of Guardians?
The Book of Guardians provides you detailed information about each station. Sometimes it unveils answers to your questions 🙂



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