The Mother Earth is a commonly known saying. We all are children of the Earth. We are born on earth and we go back to earth after death. Gaia – the primal Mother Earth Goddess was one of the main Goddesses of ancient Greeks. The Goddess of Earth is usually envisioned as a woman and also symbolizes life and death.
Tugan zher, atameken – the Earth is holy for Kazakhs as well. They are very connected to Earth. It was a tradition to roll a child or a person, who just came back home from a long journey on the ground. For a child it was a lesson to learn loving his land and for a traveler it was a remedy against illnesses and grief. The Erath gives birth to diverse flora and fauna species and takes back the leftovers of their vital activities. This is an eternal circle of life.

The interior of the Earth veils a lot of energy, which comes to the surface from time to time as volcano eruptions or devastating earthquakes. The mineral deposits are also located deep in the earth and can be used to produce energy. For instance: hard coal and lignit, oil shales, uranium, oil and natural gas. Kazakhstan is a mineral-rich country, which uses deposits to produce energy. Moreover, the export of minerals brings Kazakhstan profit necessary for a country´s budget. However, these sources of energy have their disadvantages. First of all, while burning the energy sources a harmful for the environment CO2 gas is produced, which heats the atmosphere and speeds up the climate change. Secondly, the nature gets damaged during the process of extraction of the energy sources. Thirdly, uranium and its combustion residues exposes harmful radiation and the last, these energy sources are nonrenewable and can get exhausted. What will we do then? Should we freeze?

The Earth also provides renewable energy sources. In the place of crevices there is a hot water to be found. Kazakhstan has a lot of hot springs, which are usually used for healing purposes. Some countries have so much geothermal energy that it is used to produce electricity. For instance apartments and green houses in Iceland are heated for 53 percent by geothermal energy. This source of energy is also actively used by the East African Rift countries. It is possible to use geothermal energy also in places with no hot springs thank to water-heat-pumps. To date, this type of energy production is not common in Kazakhstan, but the situation can change in the future.



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