Many folks believed fire to be the beginning of all energies. For Kazakhs it symbolizes power. The initial form of the energy is the sun, „the eternal firestar in the sky“. Its name is very similar in different languages: sun, sole, sol, soleil, Sonne, suriya…

As long as the time goes, people admire the sun. Ancient folks worshiped the sun as a God or a Goddess. The shamans tried to establish a channel to connect these Gods. The old petroglyphs found in the steppe imagined shamans with a sun instead of a head. A lot of traditions are closely connected to sun and its cycle, as well as our calendar.

Our ancestors also believed that a lightning flash is a messenger sent by the sun to bring fire to the Earth. The control of fire can be considered as an important step of early humans’ development. The Guardians of fire were considered as most important people in tribes. It is impossible to imagine life without warmth and protection only fire can offer. It was also crucial to prepare food. The technological progress wouldn’t take place in case of absence of fire. It was an important element for firing of ceramics, fusion and forging.

Thousands of years ago it would be impossible to inhabit such a continental land of severe frosty winters as Kazakhstan without having fire under control. But today we can do that! Most of the regions in Kazakhstan have from 2,200 to 3,000 hours of sunshine annually and the control over the sun to turn it into contemporary fire – solar energy can provide electricity and heating for the whole country! Until nowadays, our country used to generate only a small volume of that energy – 0, 1 percent. It is planned to significantly increase this number. Four great solar plants should be constructed in the sunny regions of the country – Almaty. Zhambyl and Kyzylorda regions until 2020, which will produce 76 MW of electricity. Right now, we produce solar panels out of our own crude materials. The silicon (Si) extracted in Ushtobe, Almaty region is used to produce circuit boards on the Solar Silicon plant in Ust-Kamenogorsk. The final assembly is carried out in the ASTANA SOLAR plant in Astana.

By the end of 2012 the first part of the solar plant Otar of 504kW total operating power was put into operation in Korday district of Zhambyl region. Upon the completion of the project, the total power of the plant will increase up to 7 MW. The Samruk-Green Energy has started the construction of the Kapshagay Solar Plant in Almaty region of 2 MW total operating power. The solar panels of the plant automatically move towards the sun.
The sun on the Kazakh flag can attain a new meaning soon!



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