Time and Future

The time and future as a form of energy? What can it be? This is not time by itself, but what was created by our ancestors during many years. This is a great experience, knowledge and skills, which some poets compare to a temple. And they are right. These are the places of knowledge concentration: libraries or Wikipedia, schools and museums, as well as talks with smart people. When we visit those “temples” and look around, we find a lot of useful information from all possible spheres of life and this energy flows into us. We just have to stay open for this energy flow, which means we have to stay inquisitive. Old, historical buildings effulge the energy of time as well. The fortresses, palaces, castles, houses, tombs and sacred sites like churches, monasteries and mosques. What is most valuable are not the buildings themselves, but the work and energy, knowledge and effort of our ancestors, which were contributed and manifested within.

We live in the present, “now”. The time has two dimensions: the past and the future. From the past we receive the energy of ancestors in a form of knowledge they left for us, as well as various handmade items. The future can also generate energy. How is it possible? The future hasn’t happened yet. This is true, but we can imagine it. Our dreams, wishes, plans are future-oriented, for the sake of which we have to live. We have to build it on our own. We can extract a great energy power out of this aim.

We have to find a way to combine the past and the future. We can’t allow breaking the time flow. We and only we can be the time energy carriers. We are the wizards, who can transform energy of the past into energy of the future. In order to do so, we have to materialize it in our hands, hearts and heads and in our society. The time is our society: the society of us, our ancestors and offspring.



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