Forms of energy sources

Every well-informed person knows that the mankind uses a lot of fossil energy sources and, thus, produces green house gas emissions. It is harmful for our health and also triggers the climate change. The negative effect on our health is mostly caused by smog. The exhaust gases irritate respiratory tracts and provoke cough, allergic reactions and asthma. The extreme weather conditions, which we are facing over the past decades, prove the fact that the climate is changing. While one part of the world suffers from aridity and extreme heat, the other part experiences storms, torrential rain and flooding. The harvest fails and millions of people turn into climate refugees!
Are we able to cope with that? Yes, but only if we
a) start working on the problem right now
b) work on the problem all together
We should reduce the usage of fossil energy sources and Kazakhstan has good preconditions for that.

What are fossil energy sources?

These are fuels like coal, oil, natural gas, oil shale and turf. They get created from remains of animals and plants. They are usually located deep in the ground and should be extracted. The fossil fuels are burnt to produce energy (heating, electricity, engines) and turn into harmful gases. The fossil fuels are exhaustible resources and some of the deposits have been already exploited. A great damage on nature is caused during the search for deposits and exploration works carried out on them.

What are renewable energy sources?

The renewable energy sources are the energy of sun and the wind, as well as hydroelectric energy. No matter how much of this energy is used, it never stops existing. Kazakhstan is one of the countries, where the sun is shining 300 days long on the South of the country. Despite the fact that the northern part of state is less sunny, even this part of Kazakhstan has good preconditions for a successful usage of solar energy to produce electricity and heating in comparison to Central Europe.

The Central Europe is the place, where the solar energy is commonly used. Despite the limited sunny periods and low solar intensity Germany covers over 5 percent of its electricity demand. The most active producer of solar energy is China, which has recently constructed a huge solar park.

The wind is also a common source for Kazakhstan. It can be sometimes so strong that one can’t simply hold on to resisting it. This type of energy can be used to move the windmills, which produce electricity. The country of Denmark covers 42 percent of its electricity demand thanks to the wind energy. In total, the EU countries use the power of wind to cover 11 percent of electricity demand. Even the closest neighbor to Kazakhstan, China found out benefits of the wind energy. Kazakhstan shouldn’t stand back.



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