The Second Great Guardian Party in Astana

On 07.10.2017, the Goethe-Institut Kasachstan in Astana hosted the “Second Great Guardian Party”. The “guardians of the energy stream” throughout the city once more gathered in order to collectively honour the best guardians from the second round of the “Urban Corners” game. On this evening, 150 guests came together in the great hall of the “Grand Park Esil” hotel near the “new light of knowledge” (the INFOLAB@ of the Goethe-Institut in Astana): students at the capital city’s universities, school students and their teachers, and representatives of the German Embassy in Kazakhstan and of German organisations headquartered in the capital city, such as the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad. Everyone was soon in the mood to celebrate, thanks to the indefatigable Guardian Ruslan Schischkowskij from the German youth club “Diamant” run by the “Society of Germans in Astana”, as well as the school students from the 7th, 46th and 62nd schools of Astana, who offered interesting and varied artistic performances. An energy quiz also revealed that, thanks to the game, many of the participants are now highly knowledgeable when it comes to the “energies of the future”. The highlight of the party was of course the awards ceremony for the three best guardians according to points scored, as well as for several creative players during the second round of the game.
The following winners according to points scored were confirmed by the “Council of Guardians”: Jasmina Alina (1,002,260 points, 1st place), Darja Zagarowskaja (962,960 points, 2nd place) and Damilya Katrenowa (822,020 points, 3rd place). We congratulate the winners and wish them every success in the third round of the game, which can still be played until 22 March 2018. Newcomers here also have the chance to win great prizes and expand their knowledge of all things energy-related in an entertaining way. So get on the app and also follow all the related news!



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