The secret of the guardians’ disappearance has been solved!

With the help of over 2,000 new guardians, Dina and Talgat have solved the mystery of the guardians’ disappearance:

Back then, the guardians disappeared because they were fed up with the fact that people no longer made any effort to protect the environment themselves so that they and their children could continue to live well here. People relied more and more on the guardians to take care of everything, to tidy up their rubbish, keep the air pure, clean the river and its banks if they became polluted, provide new energy sources and raw materials once everything else was depleted…. And never a word of thanks…. everything taken for granted…. they guardians grew sick of it and withdrew so that people would wake up and start taking care of themselves.
Now the time has come for a new generation of guardians. Dina and Talgat have witnessed the energy stream come back to life because new young guardians are taking care of it. Keeping the magic stream alive seems to be a never-ending task. Dina and Talgat are hoping for more support from the guardians of the wind, earth, fire, water, time and the future, and that these guardians will find many other new guardians to help keep the magic energy stream alive.
So on to the next round! This will start on 15.09.2017 and run into the “new year” on 22.03.2018. Not only will the magic energy stream be rewarded with energy particles – there will also be new prizes awaiting the best and most creative guardians.
And you should already make a note of this – the great guardian party to assess the 2nd round of the game, which will include a prize-giving ceremony for the best guardians and plenty of surprises for everyone who wants to join in, will take place on 7 October 2017 at the “new Light of Knowledge”.



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